About us | Anana Collective

Ananá Collective is a platform dedicated to Latin American designers to showcase their designs across borders.
About Us | Anana Collective
Founded by Mariana Valle-Mesen, her mission has always been to discover and promote the amazing talent there is across Latin America. Thanks to her multiple roles in the fashion industry, including titles like VOGUE under her belt, all items are carefully curated to meet a timeless style and high quality product standards.  
About Us | Anana Collective
We also advocate for brands that bring a positive impact to their local economy and something unique to their public. During the curation process, we search for what makes them different and the values drives their inspiration. We constantly look to incorporate sustainable fashion designers to our platform, and we support brands that have an eco-friendly focus to their manufacturing process or mission statement.
About Us | Anana Collective
Ananá, (AKA pineapple), comes from the origins of our region, and it represents freshness, vivaciousness and unity. Our values encompass friendships, inclusiveness and talentAnaná is a symbol of welcome, and it's meant to be a community where designers and public share the same desire to create and own something beautiful and with intention. 


Mariana Valle-Mesen | Anana Collective

"We love design that makes us feel in paradise"