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Ananá Collective brings paradise to you. All of our designers are carefully picked, so that when you become part of our community, you will not only look & feel like on vacation, but you will also support local economy, social responsibility and sustainability. 
Meet our brands, see what sets them apart, and become part of their story. 



Casa E Palo

Casa E Palo is designed and made in Costa Rica, under fair trade and sustainable commitment to our environment. Led by entrepreneur Cristina Wessel, this brand creates handmade timeless designs by local artisans, who keep the craft and tradition alive. 

Designers | Anana Collective

Cristina and her team are inspired by the lively spirit that people live in Costa Rica, where the 'Pura Vida' ('Pure Life') motif is a true way of life. She herself, finds a commitment in living life in an eco friendly way and wishes to bring the opportunity for everyone to do so with beautiful products. 

All products are made with organic cotton, and are meant for a plastic free and minimalistic lifestyle. By purchasing their products, you are supporting both a small business and local artisans.  


Margot - The Label

This is an up-and-coming brand, that you have to keep your eyes on. Margot - The Label is created by Maria Perez, a young and talented Mexican designer who's first inspiration to create her brand was after a wanderlust escape to Australia. During her time down under, she got influenced by the feel good style of locals and was urged to bring something new and fresh to the Latin American scope. 

Once back in Mexico, she knew she had to get to work. She opened up physical selling points in Guadalajara, and got a team together who assemble and do the final touches to the products. All her cap and hat designs complement a ready-to-wear outfit and a leisure lifestyle. The intention behind it all is about practicality, trendiness and the items are all unisex.

Besides supporting local economy and enforcing fair treatment to her employees, Maria also volunteers in the local university program and guides the future designers on the ways of entrepreneurship in the industry. 


Trés Tropical

Trés Tropical is designed in the land of 'Pura Vida' by Juan José Durán and Michelle de Matheu. Juanjo's wonderful and catchy handmade graphics started capturing attention in the tropics, and it's a product you won't want to miss out on.

Their slow fashion repertoire of items include pure pima cotton t-shirts (unisex) and canvas art for your home decor. Their main mission is 'fashion to reforest', being conscious is crucial to the brand, which is why they work with amazing partners such as One Tree Planted ®, to plant trees with each purchased t-shirt. To today, Trés Tropical has achieved to plant near 300 squared meters of new forests in Latin America... and continue going for more!

Besides advocating for an eco-friendly lifestyle, they truly believe in art as a form of communicating and spreading positiveness. Juan, Michelle, and their business partner Julie Bernstein, have made it possible to communicate ideas of love and mindfulness through their designs, and most importantly, make you feel in paradise once it's in your hands.

Their feel good timeless fashion & art becomes a way of life for their customers, and a great way to strengthen the relationship you have with our planet Earth. 


Ximena Esquivel

Ximena Esquivel is a young entrepreneur from Costa Rica. With a passion for craftsmanship and a degree from INCAE Business School under her belt, this Forbes featured designer delivers the true meaning of high end raw jewelry. 


Designers | Anana Collective     Designers | Anana Collective


Her story is fully merged in the jewel designs, Costa Rica's nature is her main inspiration, and the representation of life with each piece is palpable. Made entirely of silver and different natural semi-precious stones such as mother pearl, amethyst, agate and labradorite, amongst other.

The jewelry's main workshop, is ran by local women and the designer herself. Ximena ensures that no material goes to waste, everything is reused during the process of elaboration, and the brand does not mass produce, making each piece even more special and unique. 


La Villa Goods

Dixy Valdez is the designer of La Villa Goods, a Salvadorian artist that fell in love with natural elements and found a passion for artisan design. From her hometown, in El Salvador, Dixy works with local artisans to make her designs come to life. Local men and women, and the ancestral knowledge of production is the true soul behind her creations.

Designers | Anana Collective

The talented designer was first inspired to create easy and practical products that people would love, while helping communities that deserve to thrive. By working with these communities, La Villa Goods ensures that there is fair trade, that all items are unique and handmade. Materials are from up-cycled cotton from local factories , and some works with organic natural derived dyes for some of the products.

For her artwork pieces, Dixy joins forces with Salvadorian artist Andrea Altamirano and women from the mountains of Comasagua, El Salvador, to create beautiful canvas art with natural (and responsibly collected) pressed flowers elements.

                                 Designers | Anana CollectiveDesigners | Anana Collective



Designed and produced in Mexico, with 100% local grown material, CECO is a beachwear brand that exceeds all expectations. The designs are all meant to be functional and timeless, that is why the colors come in basic tones, and the designs are ultra comfortable, functional and adjustable to your body, this is meant to prolong the use of the item and avoid waste.


Designers Anana Collective


Their approach to sustainability stands out by having their material and production locally, bringing pollution to the minimum, handmade pieces and avoiding waste, everything that is not used in one set of production will be used in the next one, nothing will be tossed out. They also run their business on social responsibility with its workers, including fair pay & treatment for all those involved.